⋆Purple Shampoo: Does it work? ⋆


I have naturally blonde hair but over time I feel like it’s gotten darker or more brassy. It could come from a series of things: Pollution, Heat damage, chemical damage, age, having a child but I’m not willing to accept the fact that my hair isn’t going to be white blonde my whole life. I had read some reviews on using a purple toning shampoo to help remove brassiness and tone down you hair leaving it to look refreshed, healthy, shiny and most importantly more blonde.

Most of the reviews I had seen were people with treated blonde hair not so much naturally blonde hair but I didn’t think it would make much difference in the long run. Blonde is blonde not to mention the people’s results looked amazing. I picked this particular shampoo called Shimmer Lights until I saw the Generic Brand for Shimmer Lights which was half the price. It was $10 for a liter for the Generic and $20 for a liter in the name brand. In hindsight, I told myself that once I’m finished trying the generic I may go back and get the name brand to see if there was much difference.

Below are pictures after just one wash. I did let it sit for about 10 minutes while I shaved in the shower but I was pretty pleased with the results! and Since these pictures it’s only gotten better!

I felt like I was taking an old MySpace picture with this angle

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