♡ Strong Signals ♡

I just want to take a minute to talk about my new venture. I recently started a Facebook group for Women empowerment. Just a group of girls specifically there to support, encourage, give advice, share stories, looks, big life events, etc. I think it is important for us women to stand by each other and be more gentle with on another. 

Here’s the group description:

I encourage women to join this group who want to feel inspired, motivated and empowered to embrace who they are, to accept who they are and support like-minded females.

This group is made to help others. Please no hate, no judgmental comments or promotions of any kind.

No laughing at anyone’s posts unless it’s meant to be funny. This group is meant to compliment and make everybody feel good about themselves.

There will be certain days/posts dedicated for promotion and social media following.

Advice posts, recipe sharing, exciting news, make up looks, are all encouraged.

Anything said in this group especially personal situations should stay private. Unless you have permission, do not share other people’s stories, posts or pictures.

As the admin I, Caysey, plan on sharing fitness advice, beauty tips, skin care and recipes. I plan on using this platform as an extension of my blog but on a more personal level.

I feel like Facebook groups are a good way to network and get to know people on a more personal level. My goal for this group is for it to be a safe haven for women to come to when they are in need. I am personally apart of a couple of these groups on facebook, some more make up based while others are more support based. I just adore the fact that there is a place on this cruel internet where people can feel understood, connected and simply free to share whatever they want without judgement or remorse. 

I titled the group strong signals because I feel like we as women are all on the same wavelength. We may be at different points in our lives and have some different perspectives on things but in the end we are still in this together and have a cosmic understanding of how we work. 

I want people to find friends here. I want them to get inspired, feel confident in themselves and lift each other up. A place where the feel free to post whatever, whenever they want!

Got a bombshell makeup look you wanna share? Yes ma’am!

New to make up and need advice? We’re here for you.

Discovered a new beauty product that you now can’t live without? Let me see!

Having trouble picking out which selfie to post on Instagram? I know the struggle!

If this sounds like something that is right up your alley then click the link below and tell me what you think about it in the comments! 


with love,


instagram: instagram.com/cayseypetty

facebook: facebook.com/caypetsey

twitter: twitter.com/cayseyyy

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