Books of 2022

One of my “year of 2022” goals is to read two books a month which is essentially 24 books in the year. I have recently hit 39 books which I’m really proud about! I technically read one book twice so does that count as 40?

Reading Challenge: A Summary of The Books I’ve Read This Year

I have met my reading challenge for this year! My goal was to read twice as much as I did last year, which honestly wasn’t much. I only read five books last year and this year I have read ten! I’m pretty proud! Do any of these book seem to peak your interest? Have you read any of them before? Let me know in the comments!

Little Girls and Education

I’m not usually one to review books especially children’s books for that matter but I was so touched at my daughter’s responses to these two books and how these stories create the opportunity of discussion that I just had to share. Reading with my daughter was and is a huge deal in our house. Together…

Favorite Reads So Far!

As you may know, I’m doing a reading challenge for 2019 where I have challenged myself to read 100 books. I calculated it out to be 8.3 books a month! Which is possible.. Maybe. I might be in over my head but these are the reviews for my top 3 favorites reads of each month!…