Surgery 1-Disease 0

It’s another personal post, sorry! This one is a short read though! Over the summer I completed my associates degree as a Surgical Technologists and this past month I started my new job! I was really surprised at how quickly I was employed but very thankful to say the least. I love what I do and feeling like I everyday I help make a difference in someone’s life. Every successful case I think of it as “us 1- diease 0” and it’s so satisfying. All my life I’ve been a very compassionate person which it’s with people or animals or plants or just life in general I’ve always felt so compelled to help. Before Colbi was born, I had my whole life planned out. I was going to take a year off from school and become a missionary and then I was going to go back and become a pediatrician and use my education to help those who needed it the most. When Colbi was born I wouldn’t say it stopped me from doing anything it’s just that she came first now so I felt the need to change my plan, but my journey isn’t over yet.

A few years ago my brother almost died. He had a puss pocket the size of a fist underneath his pectoral muscle. The infection started spreading to the rest of his body causing the left side of his body to start shutting down. He had to undergo two surgeries; one to remove the pocket and the second one because fluid had built up in his lungs and they had to go in a drain it out. They said that if his health was in any poorer condition or if he was any older he could have died yet here he is, alive and well today. Surgery 2- Disease 0. This is what inspired me to become a surgical technologist and take on my role to assist the surgeon and better people’s lives every day.

I do plan on continuing my medical journey and I will keep you updated as I do so!



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