Koexist Creations

I’m a new ambassador! So you all know how much I love children and koala’s are my all time favorite animal! I think they’re so cute and fluffy! The koalas not the kids. So there is this small brand called Koexist Creations. I say small but they are actually growing in numbers! Anyway, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while now and just recently they added the ambassador feature and I was all aboard!

The reason why i love this brand so much is because they “ help koalas & children Koexist through clothing that tells stories”. They donate proceeds from every sale to the Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and on the other side of the world they help the Koala Hospital in Australia. Both the children and koalas are on the road to recovery and they are both filled with love and affection. So I think it’s important to help both the koalas and children Koexists.

About Saint Jude’s:

“St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.” Parents who come to Saint Jude’s don’t have to pay a dime. They don’t have to stress about expenses so much as their little one getting better.

About Koala Incidents:

The three main incidents that koala’s suffer from are Chlamydiosis, car accidents and dog attacks. Chlamydiosis affects their eyes and/or their urogenital tract. As for the car accidents, koala’s crossing the street to travel for food or for a number of reason, a lot of times koala’s suffer from really traumatic injuries and either don’t survive or it’s a very long recovery process. Koala’s sees all trees as their home range which means sometimes traveling to backyards to get food, this is where the dog attacks come in. These injuries aren’t externally visible but can sometimes have horrific internal injuries.

I believe this brand is doing a wonderful thing! And their products are so cute! I love their shirts and stickers and even their logo is super cute. I fully support this brand and what it stands for and how it makes a difference around the world. My ambassador discount code is “CayKoala” but it doesn’t affect how much of the proceeds will be donated.

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