My best life.


I apologize for not posting lately, I’ve been really busy trying to get right for the new year! Now, I’m not really big on new year’s resolutions because if you truly want something to change or be different i feel like you would take the opportunity to do so the moment you felt like something needed to change or be different but at the same time I feel like there is just something fresh about the beginning of a year and I don’t know about y’all but I feel as though 2017 has been a rough year in more than one way. Although there have been a bunch of blessings that came to me in 2017 that I don’t want to forget about. There’s been plenty of life changes and a lot of adjusting that I’ve been having to do I’m not complaining because in the long run I feel like it’ll be all worth it.

The end of 2017 is what I feel like really got me. For some reason the winter season is really hard on me emotionally. I’ve dealt with degrees of depression and anxiety but I do b=my best trying to cope with it. Whether it’s working out or meditating or yoga or binge watching a television show, I can usually just get through it. Most of the time it’s pretty easy but sometimes it’s just like a lingering feeling that I can’t shake. It’s like mentally I want to go and do and get up and get through with it but physically, I’m more than exhausted and super achy and it feels like i’m breaking down if that makes sense and all i want to do is crawl in a ball and cry and sleep for months. But I don’t, I never allow myself to because I have a wonderful life and a wonderful family and the best friends I could ask for and I have no reason to feel the way that I do. So every morning I get up, no matter how much I know my body’s going to kick my butt later, I get up because getting up is the first step to making the life I live my best life.

And that’s what I’m going to make 2018 about, living my best life. Whether it’s making the healthier choice at lunch because my body will thank more for it later or taking a trip to mountains just to see something different. I am going to make the best and the most out of my life this year because I only have one.

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