a calling??

**Relgious warning**

My brother and I were talking the other day about wanting to start a group; primarily focused on college kids or people from the age of 18-25ish who feel possibly disconnected from christianity. Young people who are followers of Christ and/or believe in God but who feel like they don’t belong in a church for one reason or another or even people who are not religious at all but feel compelled to grasp a better understanding of it. As a young person myself, I understand that this age is an age of finding yourself or experiencing different emotions when it comes to spirituality. We as humans have a natural curiosity and constantly seek deeper understanding. I believe that we are all allowed to go through what I consider our own “spiritual journey”, where we ask questions and seek truth and find them in any ways that we can. The bible used to be only written in hebrew and only preachers or those who were taught to read and interpret hebrew were the ones who had the power to share the news. Now the bible is and continues to be one of the most translated books in the world hitting over 8,000 languages. Now that in itself makes me believe that the bible was written to be interpreted by the individual who reads it. This allows what I believe the reader and believer to go through the “spiritual journey”.

As for the plans of the group, I want there to be some “bible study” as well as small group discussions regarding their interpretations on the verses read as well sharing how they feel about the church overall and expressing their views as a whole. But I also don’t want this to be limited to people who feel lost but also people who feel comfort in this area, one way or another, but feel called to support and share their experiences as well. I think it is really important to be surrounded by people who are going through the same thing as you. Who make you feel like you’re not alone. I know in this day and age a lot of things are electrical but there is something to be said about being in the physical presence of people who feel the same way that you do. There are several people in my life who come to mind when thinking of this; I, myself, am one of them and I have confidence that this could potentially be a really great experience for all that are involved.

Our primary reasoning for opening this discussion involved us feeling compelled to do mission work with all of the natural disasters happening in the US. When we were younger we would do mission trips all the time to our neighboring states who dealt with natural disasters. Our church was once partnered with a relief organization that unfortunately lost funding. But the nostalgia of helping all of those people came back to us. We rebuilt people’s homes, from small things like painting their interiors and making popcorn ceilings to fixing the exteriors and doing roof work, there was something for everybody and the people were always so grateful and you end up meeting all sorts of people from various backgrounds. That goes for not only the people whose homes you’re rebuilding but the people you’re working with. You gain a lot of trust with someone who’s holding the ladder for you while you climb on a two story roof.

Do you think this is something worth pursuing? Would the community be interested in something like this? Let me know in the comments or one my Facebook page !

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