her annoying laugh rang through his ears.

his sudden racing heart pulled him out of his heavy sleep.

he rolled over and grabbed

the warm body next to him. he crept his hand up

her chest.

not her.

he laid on his back. room spinning.

he sat up and grabbed the nearest drink.

the warm liquid pierced his throat.

not water.

the room needs to stand still.

his heart was in his ears. his hands started sweating.


he reached for the pill bottle.

she would be disappointed.

he threw his head back into the pillow.

no sleep.


she woke up to him pulling her closer.

never feeling more secure.

she intertwined her fingers with his and

slid her cold toes under his calves.


traveled from her toes to her chest.

i love you.

that phrase never felt so real.

love never felt so


he rolled over onto his back and she cupped herself

right next to him.

she never felt so full.

full of love


his heart was calm.


a melody.

a lullaby.

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