What music is shufflin’ today?


I played this game where I set my music on shuffle just to see what the first 10 songs that came up would be and here they are!

01: God’s Plan // Drake

02: Love Drunk // Boys Like Girls

04: Stir Fry // Migos

05: One, Two Step // Ciara, Missy Elliot

06: Stronger // Kanye West

07: Tell Me You Love Me // Demi Lovato

08: I Know Better // John Legend

09: Unbreakable // Madison Beer

10: T’d Up // Russ

As you can tell I have a little diverse taste in music, I’m actually shocked at the results a little bit, some of this stuff I feel like I haven’t heard in a long time! Some of them are new of course but still I’m pleasantly surprised. I actually love putting my music on shuffle especially when I can’t decide what to listen to!  I used to listen to Love Drunk all the time in middle school. That song was such a banger, definitely a went out on the skating rink floor on that one! I used to listen to Stronger on the bus on the way to soccer games plus any other Kanye song really. I love Demi and John’s raw voices in the songs TMYLM and I Know Better. I just bang the songs Stir Fry, T’d Up and God’s plan when I’m trying to get myself hype.

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