Irreplaceable you.

Have I ever told you how emotional I get at movies sometimes? I probably have. Here recently I came across this movie on Netflix called “Irreplaceable You” and although the ending was revealed before it started it still really got to me. I have a really empathetic heart and I relate everything I watch to my life so that’s why I think I get so into movies. So obviously this was a romance movie but it involved cancer so I think that’s where I got a little more emotional.

I work in surgery almost every day and often times I’m working with Oncology patients. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think about the patients individually. I just do my job and try to disconnect myself from it all. I hardly think about this being the patient’s initial surgery. I don’t think about how they have more to come. I know that the news is life altering and they have to make drastic changes to their mindset. I know that by removing the cancer it doesn’t always take it away completely. I know that cancer is rough. I know that cancer destroys lives. I just don’t think about it that deeply. As deeply as I used to. This movie reminded me of why I do it. I know I don’t always help heal the patients but I help start their journey. In the movie the woman dies as the end, don’t worry that wasn’t a spoiler, but that’s something that I don’t always think about. I don’t think about how in the end the patient can still die and I think that hit me a little hard. I always want the people to live and recover and I just hate to think that they go through all of this trouble not to make it out in the end. That’s just the cruel reality of life though. Not everyone can make it, unfortunately.
As for the movie though. It is definitely a must see. It’s a cute, comical love story. Despite what I made it out to be!

Irreplaceable You

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