Hometown Boutique’s and Brands that I love!

This is going to be a short list because unfortunately I haven’t been able to explore much of my local options! Some of these store’s are just online/ via social media and some are just physical stores. so I’ll be sure to post links and give as much information as  I can.


img_266001. Gabrielle and Riley

This place is located right near where I used to take my daughter to dance, in the downtown area of my hometown. I love this little shop because it always has the cutest little kitchen knick knacks as well as really good, name brand stuff. They have such adorable clothes and jewelry thats fitting for any woman of fashion. The main thing that drove me to this store in the beginning was that amount of dance stuff that they had for my little one! They have the cutest selection and there wasn’t many places you could get leotards from around there.



02. Sons of Sins- Streetwear Brand.

This brand was created by someone I went to school with. They haven’t expanded much but I support him 100% because I know that it’s always been something that he wanted to accomplish and he deserves some recognition. The shirts are super soft and they have the cutest logo.




03. Southern Sisters

I came across this boutique on Facebook and they now have a physical store also located in the downtown area of my hometown. They have several different locations to my understanding. But they definitely have some of the cutest, comfiest clothes that I’ve seen and the ladies that work there have an eye for fashion for sure!






04: The Minichic Boutique

This boutique also began by someone that I went to school with who has an eye for fashion! Right now all that I’m aware of is their Instagram and online website. They have some of the cutest, unique clothes I’ve seen in a while.






I think it’s extremely important as a community to shop local and support people in our community as they grow their brands and try to make a name for themselves which is why I do my best to support my local business owners and what they do to try to make a name for my little hometown.

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