Kindergarten Readiness.

It’s so hard for me to believe but my little one starts kindergarten this year! As a mother I’ve been doing my best to prepare her in more ways than one. I’ve been doing some research about what she needs to know and how to make sure that she’s ready. She was in daycare which incorporated some curriculum but during out move we took her out. So we took it upon ourselves  to do our best to teach her at home and here’s what we’ve done:


My daughter loves books, as I did when I was her age so this makes this subject a little easier. Every night we read a bed time story- or 5- several times a night. This is one of my favorite times of the day because I feel like it’s such a bonding moment for us. It also gives her the desire to want to read on her own because she’s going through a major independent stage right now-wanting to dress herself and fix her own drinks. This allows us to work on our letter recognition, of course she knows he ABC’s and the song that goes with it but we’ve been working on the individual letters and their sounds so that she can read it in a word better. We have also been working on sight words and spelling and sounding them out. We even started on easy-to-read story books that we can read together!


This is the easy one! I try to incorporate lots of crafts to get here creative juices flowing. We focus on color recognition and scissor safety and control while having fun creating fun activities she can be proud of! I used to love art when I was a kid, it was something about being able to express myself in the ways of colors and my own master pieces. She get so excited when I allow her to just go crazy and express herself and I love see that glow in her eyes and she says “Mommy, look at this! aren’t you proud of me?” Ahh, makes my heart warm.


This on is one of my favorites too! It honestly comes so naturally to her because she has such a curiosity for the world around her! Here we just focus on biology like animal science, which she ADORES animals so thats easy!- but also plants and flowers. We get lots of animal books and we’ve taken her to the zoo and showed her the different plants and animals and where they’re from.

She also has an amazement for the planets and the stars which is something that I was also very interested in. So we will look up different constellations and try to find them in the sky-we don’t aways find them but it’s an excuse to look at the stars. We talk about the moon and the other planets and how we live on the earth and she’s so intrigued by it all.


And last but not least math! Which isn’t really math but it deals with numbers. We started off with number recognition and counting as high as we can. We talked about patterns in numbers and the world around is. I went out and bought counting blocks and sometimes we’ll even use candy in order to get her to understand the concept of adding and subtracting.

I have a friend who is a kindergarten teacher and she has told me that as long as she can spell her name she is doing good. All of the kids there are at different levels of learning therefore it’s really hard to say what she NEEDS to know because you have such an aray of children coming from different backgrounds. It’s not something to sweat if you feel like your child isn’t paying that much attention during sessions. She’ll catch on when she’s ready!

  • What’s something that you do as parents to help your little ones get ready for school?

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