Relationship Goals

Our parents are the first humans in our lives. Whether it’s both of our parents or just one or maybe they’re not our biological parents but they’re parents all the same. I believe that our parents are the most influential people in our lives, either for good or for bad they know how to leave an impression on us. I was lucky enough to have both my parents in my life, consistently. And I think that is what inspired my aspirations in life.

My mother doesn’t have a selfish bone in her body. She’s has four children with my father that she would do anything for. She loves them unconditionally and would rather struggle herself than see her children struggle which is a wonderful trait but can be contradicting sometimes. My father is more reasonable, don’t get me wrong he loves and cares for us but he’s more of a “you need to struggle a little so you can appreciate it more later” kind of guy and i agree with him but I can completely understand my mother too. They give each other balance but at the same time my mom always said that she feels like if they ever got a divorce it would be over their kids but i don’t see that happening.

My parents are high school sweethearts, adorable I know. They’ve been together 38 years, married for 33. Their story is one of my favorites, although a little weird. My mom explains it as one day her and her friend were hanging out at the local Pizza Hut-the hot spot back in the day. She was waiting outside of the bathroom on her friend and my father walked in one door KISSED HER ON THE LIPS and WALKED OUT.

How weird right?? What if my mom had a boyfriend? What if she had some crazy kissing disease? He didn’t care and I guess the what if’s don’t matter now but it’s still so crazy to me. Then like a week later they were back at The Hut and my mom was hanging out with her friend and her friends boyfriend and they were about to leave but my mom wanted to stay but when she got out of the car she lost her shoe and before she realized it they were gone so she walks up to two guys (one being my dad) and said “Hey one of you guys take me to go get my shoe it’s in that car” and my dad volunteered of course. Imagine if it was the other guy though?? Like i wouldn’t be here. Anyway, the way that the old pizza hut parking lot was set up it had an steep hill right before it hit the road so when they were leaving my dad didn’t tell her the seat was broken so he slammed on brakes and my mom went flying into the dash and my mom cussed him out!! first day just cussing him out. man she was ballsy for sure.

Fun fact though: My mom’s loafer was in the parking lot the whole time

But back to the posing of the post. I’ve always wanted a love like my parents. The kind of love that doesn’t give up and get through anything. They don’t have a perfect relationship by any means but they have a dedicated one and I find that super important in a relationship. I think dedication is a good sign to look for in a significant other as well. It should be just someone who is committed. It should be someone who is dedicated. Dedicated to work things out. Dedicated to stand by you through thick and thin. Not only should you look for that in a person but you should be that person. You need to be someone who is ready to take on a relationship like that. It is not easy. Love is such an immense emotion, it cannot be taken lightly.

I used to want a high school sweetheart but I realize now that I just want someone who is dedicated and willing to grow with me and that’s a lot to ask of someone in high school. Sometimes though it works out for people and i’m so glad it worked out with my parents.


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