Mother’s Day.

Good morning everyone and happy mother’s day to all of you wonderful mothers out there! Short post but I’m going to use this day as an excuse to brag on how God-given my mother is. I think she honestly qualifies for sainthood, as i feel like all mother’s do. I have seen my mother bend over backwards for her children to the point that it would even drive my dad insane! She would give anything to make sure her children don’t struggle even if it’s at her own penalty. My mother has four children of the ages 33, 31, 23 and 21. Crazy right? It’s like she had us all exactly 10 years apart, not planned!

In my previous post I shared with y’all my parents little love story. They’ve been together 34 years coming up June 2nd! Imagine that, 34 YEARS. Not to give away my mom’s age or anything but she had my oldest brother when she was 19 years old which is the same year she got married as well. Although she admits it hasn’t been the easiest 34 years she’ll also follow with how worth it it’s been. In 34 years she’s had four children meaning she been pregnant for 3 years of her life if not a little more?? 4 x 9 is 36. 36 / 12 is 3??

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And twice of those times she had toddlers and one of those times she had preteens! That’s just crazy to think about. I couldn’t imagine having a baby right now and having to deal with my little toddler and a itty bitty baby. Don’t get me wrong I have baby fever but I know I wouldn’t want to do that right now.

But since the day she knew she was pregnant her life changed. She became a mother and in mother mode. My grandmother was one of the most selfless women I have ever met in my entire life and anyone who knew my grandmother knew she had a heart of gold and would give anyone her last dollar if she had it and that’s a trait that carried out through my mother. That’s something that I admire most about her. It shows the real definition of motherhood, being selfless is such an underrated trait but it’s so important when you become a mother. You decide the rest of your life to that little one and they’re bonded to you for life, no matter what that’s always going to be your baby through all of the processes. I am so blessed to have the mother i do. To have the role model that I do. Everything that I do as a mother today is based of the way she raised me.


I just really want to show appreciation for my mother because I feel like she doesn’t get it enough. Her personality outshines anyone I know. YOu can see her trits spread out through all of her children. My parents were laying in the bed one day just talking about their children and each trait that they had that stood out the most. My oldest brother was intelligence. My sister’s was her heart. My other brother’s was his protectiveness. Mine was my soul and she said “You know if you combine all that together it would make a pretty great person” and my dad says “It’s you. It makes you.” For me that was a tear jerker. But it’s so true. I couldn’t put it into better words.

But this day is more about just my mom. It’s about all the moms, mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, step-mothers, adopted-mothers, even the mothers to be and the mothers who almost were. It’s about all of us as women who have made the commitment to have children. Maybe they didn’t give birth to them or maybe they did but things didn’t go right. We as mothers are blessings. Our babies are blessings but once we become mothers it almost like our identity changes because it’s not all about us anymore and that’s okay, it’s great actually but we deserve our day. I hope you as a mother got the recognition you deserve. It’s YOUR DAY. OWN IT.

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  1. Miriam H. says:

    I loved this post! I think mothers are the most important figure in anyone’s life. I have been lucky enough to have a very strong and hard working mother that has given me everything I always needed.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Miriam |


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