Day Two!


Day 02: In 10 years

In ten years I’ll be thirty-one. I plan on being more educated and making better money to provide for my family. I plan on being married with a total of three kids. One of them being adopted. I want to have one australian shepard, a goat, maybe some chickens. I plan on having a house with a fenced in backyard, out in the country with peaceful surroundings. I want to be a parent of a foster pup or two. I plan on being really involved with the community and making sure my children are too. My first born will be 15 so I have a feeling I’ll have a lot of trouble on my hands. I want to be as involved with her life as possible and support her in everything that she does whether it’s drama club or soccer games or cheer competitions. Whatever she decides to do, I want to be there for it.  

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