how i asked my bridesmaids (as if they didn’t already know)

I knew who my bridesmaids were going to be before I even go proposed to, i mean what girl doesn’t? right? Of course some of my ladies changed over time throughout middle and high school.. yes I said middle school. When I tell y’all I’ve been planning my dream wedding for a long time I meant it. Although I have never thought about it as extensively as I have to now and I NEVER put a face at the end of the aisle well until I saw this one.

Back to the main topic, how I asked my bridesmaids. I knew I wanted my proposal to be special but I also knew that it had to be all at the same time.. Now a few of my bridesmaids live in miles away so getting them allll together was really hard. We had a cookout/engagement party for the wedding party to get to know each other- thankfully all of mine are pretty good friends and get along super well so I know this part of the journey is going to be suuper fun!

I didn’t really break down the presents like I originally meant to but anyway. I got each of them their own customized wine tumbler with a straw that I got from Kiloh And Co off of esty and they were super cute!! I got them each white cups with rose gold writing on it and they LOVED them. (Another reason I knew I had to get the girls together was because I knew they were going to post it all on social media.)

I paired it with a cute little airplane bottle size of their favorite liquor and a cute little ring pop with a note saying “He popped the question, now it’s my turn!” Of course I had to add a little flower lay to remind them that the weekend will also be a little beach vacay celebrating love. ♡


My little bride tribe is so excited for me and I could not ask for better women to stand by me on my big day! This is going to be such an amazing journey and huge life step for me and to have their support and love through it all means so much to me.  I adore each and every one of them (even the one not pictured) I could cry real tears of all the excitement that’s up ahead!!

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