Day 07: My favorite childhood toy.

Day 07: My favorite childhood toy.


My favorite childhood toy was associated with my favorite childhood memory.  It was a small stuffed Simba from the movie The Lion King. I adored that movie so much and I felt so connected with animals. I still want to travel the world, go to Africa and witness a safari one day. When I was really young, maybe 6 or 7, my family would go to a beach trip every year, I mean my whole family like mom, dad, brothers, sister, cousins, aunt, grandma, everyone and we went walking out on the pier one day and I legit carried that little simba EVERYWHERE. There was no place I didn’t carry that little guy and there was a second that I looked down and my simba was GONE. I was devastated-still not over it. I had my whole family looking everywhere for that thing. Finally, my mom just promised when we got home that we would get another one but it wasn’t the same and for years we couldn’t find one that looked anywhere close. Until we went to the disney store and we found one but it still couldn’t replace the one I had. I was heartbroken for life.

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