Day 14: Earliest Childhood Memory


Day 14: Earliest Childhood Memory.


This one is really hard because I sadly don’t remember much from my childhood. There isn’t anything suppressing it, I believe. Nothing traumatic happened to me growing up that could have potentially damaged my memory or my brain. I did get a concussion one time when I was in the 5th or 6th grade… But I don’t think that damaged much of anything. I was swinging on the monkey bars like a normal kid would do and I swung from one monkey bar to the other and I missed the monkey bar and I slammed on my back. You know that feeling you get when you hit your back really hard in the right place and it knocks the breath out of you? That’s what happened to me.. But I wouldn’t consider that my earliest childhood memory.

I remember when I was in preschool and there was this toy in there that was red on the top and bottom and it kind of looked like those vegetable chopping things that you push down and chopped up the vegetables. Exect it didn’t chop vegetables, instead in spun these yellow bears that were on all fours around really fast like a carousel. I loved that toy. I also remember playing at the rice table with one of my friends and I remember the day I graduated preschool and how scared I was and my grandma being there. I remember swinging on the swings and thinking that if I closed my eyes I would go higher. And I did. Maybe I do remember a lot more than I give myself credit for.

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