Fathers Day.



If you haven’t been able to tell by my posts; I’m a very family oriented person. I think family is very important. Today is Father’s day. A day to recognize all the men who work so hard to be role models for their children. Whether their biological fathers,


 step fathers, grandfathers or even fur-fathers.

am blessed to have a wonderful father. He’s a father of four and some of my best memories are him playing in the yard with me. He was there as a teacher, a provider, a coach, a therapist and a best friend. He has guided me through some of my toughest decisions and he has always been there to support me since day one.

Short story, after I had Colbi and we had made our way to the hospital and everyone was just sitting down, taking it all in. I look over and see my dad taking pictures of my little girl. My body was so in shock and I was so numb to everything. I could hardly put much of anything together. I asked what he was doing as he was in awe over this little human and he said “Taking pictures, for memories.” I hadn’t even thought about taking pictures of her. I looked over at my mother who was sitting beside me and she said “I think someone is already in love with her.” And if I could’ve cried I definitely would have… Because I may or may not be 

doing it right now.

img_5843.jpgMy dad loved her from the very beginning and that meant more than the world to me. He has always loved and accepted me for who I was. He has always been my biggest supporter and I love him for that. I appreciate him so much more than I let him know. He has always done for me what he can and fixed so much from broken cars to broken hearts. He was the first man I truly loved and he set the bar so high for others to follow.


I used to want so bad to have a family. The perfect family in my mind. Sometimes what we think isn’t always what’s best.Things fell short. God had so much more bigger plans for my daughter and I. I am so proud to say that I found a man of my dreams and a man that my father approves of. Someone who will sit in the backyard and talk to my parents for hours and help them with anything they need. I fell in love with such a selfless man. As much as I know my daughter is the easiest person to love, I understand that it can be so hard to take someone else’s child in as there own but he makes it look oh so easy. The love he has for my daughter. The way that he provides for her and always makes sure she’s happy and well taken care of is far more than I could have ever asked for a person.


I appreciate all the father’s who have stepped up and made a difference in a child’s life.It’s so important to have a good father figure in a child’s life, even if it’s an uncle or a grandfather. I know so many strong women who have done it on their own and they deserve some recognition as well. To those of you who are blessed enough to still have your father in your life, cherish them.


To those of you who lost your father. I’ll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers tonight.


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