Hi everyone and welcome back to your regular scheduled programing, I’m your host Caysey and if you thought those 30 days of blogging was just as cringy and annoying as I did then you’re in luck!!.. Because I’m never doing it again. I do believe that it was really interesting and some of the topics were really good writing prompts. This goes without saying but it was just a challenge some days and there were definitely days where I didn’t feel like post but I did anyway and I’m kind of glad for it.

Anyway, today’s post is not about that. Today I will talking with you about my new youtube channel and this wonderful app that I’ve been dying to share with you all!

So I started a youtube channel and I feel like I’m absolutely terrible at it in every aspect of video taping. I feel like I never look right or sound right and it’s just ugh!! img_6023

But ever since I was young I wanted to start a Youtube channel (and there MAYbe a channel floating around from when I tried when I was younger and failed horribly…. But let’s not talk about that) I want to do make up tutorials and share products that I love and talk about my day and my views on things. I want to help motivate people and help people feel good about their bodies. I know you’ve seen some of my work out videos- which i’ll get better at btw- and I plan on doing some motivational videos along with it. I’m just really bad at recording and that’s the main reason why I went to blogging instead of vlogging because I was still able to share my motivational insight without the fear or being in front of a camera.

I’m working really hard on my self confidence and being in a place where I won’t have that underlying fear on negative comments and not being successful. I also need to work on my dictation and speaking distinctly. I know what I need to work on, I just need to do it and not stress over it.

Now finally, this wonderful app that I’ve been obsessed with. This app is called @influenster. It’s a wonderful app that connects you with other influencers and you even get the chance to win free products to try and reviews with your friends and followers! These products are sent to you in what are called VoxBoxes, in these Voxboxes you can receive samples of perfume, hair products, make up products and even food products as well. Sometimes they’ll even send you FULL PRODUCTS to try. You can follow them on instagram @influenster for the latest updates.

Another thing that I love about the app is the fact that you can review products and even ask questions about other products that you might want to try! You get real insight from other influencers just like you! It is truly an awesome way to network and get to know brands and stay in tune with whats new! I’ve even seen some people get products before they even come out! It’s legit.

I recently received my VERY FIRST VOXBOX! I was so excited when I got it in the mail! I love getting mail anyway…. hehe. But I was super excited becuase it was something that I have been looking forward to when I signed up for Influenster. What I received was Pantene’s Newest Foam Conditioner. This product was targeted for people with fine, flat hair.. aka me. It is made to add volume and shine your hair and I swear it works wonders! Here’s my review: Product Review | Influenster


Okay, so… I really wasn’t kidding when I said I SUCK at vlogging. But I promise I’m going to try to get much, much better. Please support my videos and subscribe to my channel! Also leave comments and tell me what you think about the product or if you’ve used influenser before and how you’ve liked it!

Thank you for stopping by with me today! Have a great day!




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  1. imayogagirl says:

    Cute read! I use influenster too and got that box with the pantene! Love that! Went for more when I ran out too! You will like your videos better with practice. Good job!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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