7 Day Instagram Challenge

I did a 7 day Instagram challenge that was posted by a lovely blogger group that I’m apart of. It was actually really fun but challenging of course. It certainly helped boost my activity! I was just afraid that I would annoy my followers, even with the messed up algorithm. I did get a lot of new interaction with my followers that I wasn’t getting before. It was actually pretty awesome!

Y’all are probably rolling your eyes saying “her and these challenges” but to be honest I just love challenging myself! I love feeling accomplished and doing challenges gives me a sense of accomplishment (when I actually complete them)

These posts were actually really intriguing and set up for very meaningful captions. img_5783Most of it was positive and uplifting things such as people who inspire you and a photo where you look your absolute happiest. It was a fun time reminiscing on some photos that never made it to the gram before! I even had to post twice i one day because some important holidays fell in the middle of it. This goes back to me feeling annoying by posting too much on Instagram. I don’t know who put the standard up on how much you should post on Instagram but for some reason I feel like posting more than once a day is against the rules. Who makes these rules though?? Post as much as you want! Its your Instagram to share with the world (or if your private, just your followers). Regardless, It’s completely up to you to decide if posting more than once isn’t your thing or posting all of the photos you’ve taken that day is what you want to do

This may be a little off topic but I’ve been trying to think of ways to make a little extra cash on the side and I see all kinds of people selling stuff on the internet and although that might work for them, I’m not much of a sales person plus I see just as many people who complain about how all they see on their timelines is people selling stuff on Facebook live or adding them to their personal groups. Well, I came across this app called Dosh and it gives you a personal referral link and every time someone uses your referral link both the person who signs up and the person who has it gets $5! There was a point that it was giving you $10 for each referral but they quit that for now. Here’s mine:


This app is 100% backed up by Paypal, so you know it’s legit. It’s not some pyramid scam. You can also get cash back every time you use the card for things such as travels, gas, food and even online shopping. On the app you can see what kinds of offers it has as far as online stores such at Sephora and Target! It’s just an easy way to make some money without having to annoy your followers with it, I’ve seen people make their car payments with this! It’s crazy.

img_6494You can check out what posts I made on my Instagram @cayseypetty and you can DM me for a follow for follow! I also don’t mind doing spam for spam and returning likes, comments, etc.

I look forward to seeing your posts!

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