At what point do you become a crazy cat lady?? Two? Three?? Five?? Asking for a friend…

Well in my case its a crazy ferret lady hehe. So a year or so ago I posted “Ferret Parent!” where I aired my purchase of our ferret, Kodak (named after the rapper or the camera??? hm… to be continued. Since then we have received not one but TWO new ferrets!! That’s three total!! So… back to my question.. When do I become a crazy ferret lady?? Because I lowkey feel like one.

So Since our first baby Kodak was taken in, we got Snape (that’s professor Snape to you)

Baby Snape on his first day of us bringing him home.

and then another almost YEAR rolls by and we end up getting another ferret that a woman at my mother’s work was giving away. She was moving and couldn’t take the baby with her, her name is Heidi.


We ended up finding out when we got Snape that Kodak was actually a girl instead of a boy like previously predicted.. She that was nice. Snape is a boy by the way. They are all fixed though so no baby ferrets (sadly)


I love our ferrets and they honestly play so well together. I was nervous to being another ferret in the home just because I wasn’t sure how they would react but as Ive said before ferrets are very bonding creatures/ They love company and having someone around. They even bond with their human for life! How cool right?? Except I felt like I was taking Heidi from her home and human. She has adjusted so well though and I believe the other ferrets make it easier for her.

they all have their own bed but they choose to cuddle.. makes my heart warm.

We don’t anticipate taking any more ferrets in. One dog, a cat and three ferrets are enough. BUT the likes of us getting a puppy.. Is in the works.

Stay tuned.

with love,


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  1. phigella says:

    I love ferrets, we had 18 when I was little, such fun pets.


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