my shadow.

The bond between my daughter and I is like any other parent/child relationship should be. I jokingly call her my little shadow to my coworkers because when we are home no matter where I go in the house she is right beside me. I have always been told that little eyes are always watching but it wasn’t until the other day I noticed that to be true. She has recently discovered a new found love for makeup; although I believe it’s way too soon to begin explaining to her all that makeup has to offer I can only blame myself for her obsession. My mother never really wore make up nor did she ever need to, therefore I was a little late in the makeup game compared to my peers. I didn’t start wearing make up fully until make my junior year of high school and I had SUCH bad skin but that story is a post for another day. Fast forwarding to today, all of Colbi’s little life she has seen me in the mirror pick at my face and smeer all kinds of colors on it. I remember her sitting and watching in amazement as I try different eye looks with blends of pinks and blues. She recently has started to pick up different cosmetics asking what it does and how it applies and attempts to even put it on herself. Although make up isn’t the only thing she shadows me in.

Colbi will be sitting in the kitchen eating a snack at the dinner table while I’m washing dishes or doing something and she’ll stop what she’s doing and try to help me. She’ll see me running around picking stuff up and she’ll start doing the same without me even asking her to. She tries spraying the glass coffee table in our living room that I just cleaned with something other than Windex and ends up making it look more of a mess than what it started with, “I’m just helping” her gentle little voice squeaks. You can tell that she’ll get frustrated because ‘it doesn’t look like it does when you do it’ but the fact that she tries really makes my heart warm.

It was then that I realized everything that I do, she was watching me; following me, creating early habits that would be hard to ease out of. Her teacher mentions how much of a great helper she is especially when it comes to cleaning up after herself and others. She thinking cleaning is fun and it’s something that I spend a lot of my off time doing since me and my fiance have such hectic schedules during the week, I sometimes feel like I’m always playing catch up. Another thing that my little one will watch me do it my at-home workouts which she also trying to mimic and that’s hilarious to see.

It’s crazy to truly imagine myself as a role model. I say all the time how important my daughter is to me and how much she really drives be to be a better version of myself each and everyday. I always say that I want her to have great role models in her life, not realizing that I am one. I’m very proud of the person I am for her and for myself. I’m very proud of the little lady she is becoming and to see that she is picking up such healthy habits.

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Moms, what is something that you have noticed your little one trying to mimic of you?


Thank you for coming by.

with love,


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  1. deannasstilwell says:

    Ughh, so adorable. Your little mini me and I love the pictures. I can’t relate since I don’t have any children, but my younger brother who is 7 years old does tend to mimic some of my habits.

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