My cold weather necessities


Blanket scarves.


     When I was younger I didn’t like things being close to or around my neck. I hated turtlenecks and scarves. As I got older I realized the importance of having something around my neck and I also discovered how to style them as well. I used to wear scarves on only very cold days; to play in the snow or go to the store but I would still never wear one to school or as a fashion statement. Even though a lot of scarves I did have we’re pretty cute. It just didn’t fit into my style. In the past couple of years discovered blanket scarves. (or also known as a Tartan, oversized-scarf, shawl, whatever you would like) I liked the idea because it could finally be socially acceptable to wear a blanket in public and still look fashionable. How awesome! I have always found comfort in having a blanket on me; even in the summer or when I’m just sitting on the couch watching television. It just adds a little extra security and comfort. So this makes it a must-have for me.

Cabin socks.

I get cold feet literally not figuratively. I love the way that cabin socks look and feel and they can literally only be worn when the weather is cold. I guess unless you are hiking of something because they’re simply just so just a fashionable. I love boots socks. fuzzy socks. frilly socks. socks with cats and cucumbers on it. I don’t discriminate. I feel like sometimes socks are really important to the look you’re trying to achieve.



Cute Jackets

     I believe a jacket can change a whole vibe of an outfit making a cute jacket or coat is a must. You can wear a basic long sleeve tee and leggings but depending on what jacket or coat you wear can change the whole mood of the outfit. You can dress it up with a fur coat or classy tan leather jacket. You can look cute and cozy with a sherpa pullover. You could make it casual with a cardigan. I consider jackets statement pieces.

what are some of your statement pieces for winter? drop them in the comments!

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