Valentine’s Day Look Ideas

     Hmm, when I think of Valentines day. I think of sexy, sweet, beautiful, bold, and someone call Taylor Swift because I think RED.

     I adore red to the fullest. I think it’s such a bold and bright color and to me it just screams Valentine’s day. My birthday is 3 days before Valentine’s day and I’ve always made that my excuse on why I’m so obsessed with love. I think it’s such a wonderful thing, but we’re not here about that. Now if you’re not one to celebrate Valentine’s day because you despise it for either the reason you appreciate your partner everyday or you’re single and bitter. This isn’t the post for you.

     Now I 100% believe that Valentine’s day isn’t only for lovers. I believe there’s a way you can celebrate the wonderful holiday with friends. I would simply just use it as an excuse to get all dolled up.

This post is primarily focused on red Valentines day looks; simply because I’m obsessed.


 To me, nothing screams sexy and body like a red body con dress does. I saw one on Charlotte Russe for only $14 and even one at Windsor that was $36 which is still a steal.


     Even if your not feeling a bodycon you still can’t go wrong with a red dress. Pairing it with black tights and a jacket if its cold where you are or getting one in complete lace. Literally, anything looks amazing in red, I’m convinced. 


If you’re not a dress kind of gal then don’t worry! You can wear all black with a little red twist. I think sometimes adding a good bold statement piece like a jacket is enough to make the whole outfit. 


Still not in the mood yet? You can always just wear a classic red long sleeve and dress it up with a skirt or dress it down with a pair of jeans and cute booties. OR even go a little deeper and wear some red skinnies and a cute white or black based top.


And what about make up?? I love a good excuse to wear a rep lippie. You can’t go wrong with red lipstick! Or maybe you can.. But a red lip can be matched perfectly with a golden eye look or even a gentle smokey eye. 


 Something I love more than a red lip is a red eye look. I have blue eyes and when I wear red eye shadow it just makes my eyes pop! Just look at how gorgeous these eye looks are. I am totally digging the glitter!! get it guuuurl. 

     What color do you think about when you think of valentines day? What’s the color of love for you? Do you have any great valentines day plans? Let me know in the comments!

with love,



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