Story Time: Florida

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of March!! This year is going by so fast! A memory came up on my timeline and it was a flashback to my engagement day and my engagement trip to Florida! It was so much fun! There was an incident that happened though that I completely forgotten about until someone brought it up the other day! While we were down in Florida we visited a place called Landshark which is based off of the beer brand Landshark, it had an outdoor bar that was right on the sand and we were looking for a good place to eat and it looked really nice! 

     So we go into this restaurant and that said the wait was going to be a little while so we head over to outdoor bar with our little blinker thing. I had just turned 21 and my I.D had expired and I ordered one to come into the mail but it hadn’t came in by the time that we had this trip in early March. I was afraid that they wouldn’t take my I.D because of this but I was under the impression that there was a 60 day grace period or these things. I don’t know where I got that idea from but the bartender said “You need a new I.D” and surprisingly took it so it was all settled. We take some pictures outside and socialize for bit everything was peachy keen.. Until we get inside. So we order our food and we obviously order drinks with our food and the waitress looks at my I.D and kind of frowns but says “Happy Birthday” and hands it back. 

*Before I continue I want to say that three of the people that were with there were 24 and the other was 22 with me being the only 21 year old*

     So the waitress takes our order and comes back and asks for our I.Ds again to scan them or something. I’m not really familiar with how it all works so we were all very compliant and gave our I.Ds back to get scanned or checked. We wait a little bit before the waitress comes back and slams our I.D on the table and tells all of us that our IDs are fake (and that I needed to get a new one which I knew that) and that we needed to get out of the place before they call the cops. We all sit there and look at each other and one of us speaks up and says “Call the cops then because our I.D aren’t fake and your bartender has already served us drinks outside.” and you can tell that she gets really embarrassed and said that we needed to take it up with the manager.  

Like okay, I can understand not taking my ID because its expired but to blatantly accuse all of us of having fakes?? Especially when some of us have been purchasing alcohol for 3 years. It was beyond me. We get to the place where we supposed to speak to the manager and there is a LINE. So we ended up deciding not to follow through with it because we were all so hungry and just mad at that point so we ended up just eating somewhere else.

It was still a kind of.. What he heck moment because she was so rude about it. She could’ve explained that they were a new restaurant and they didn’t want to get in trouble with anything or try to talk about how they can’t accept it because they’re not familiar with out o state I.Ds, I mean anything to just be nicer about it? We probably could have had a lawsuit on our hands but it wasn’t really worth it. 

So that was story time, what happens in Florida… What would you have done if you were the waitress or even one of us in that situation? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for coming by today!

with love,


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