Happy Easter 

to those of you who celebrate. Alleluia, He is risen. 

I was in the car with my daughter when I asked her if she knew the real reason we celebrated Easter. The conversation went like this:

Colbi: “I know it has to do with Jesus.”

Me: “You’re right”

C: “I know we put flowers on the cross.”

Me: “Yes.”

C: *freaking out* “SO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED??”

Me: “It was when Jesus died and came back to life.”

C: *Leans in, eyes wide* “YOU MEAN HE DIED TWICE?”

Me: “Well.. Yeah, kind of.”

C: *still surprised* “WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?

Me: So we could be forgiven forever, no matter what.”

C: Even when I do something wrong and you get mad at me?”

Me: “Aw, yes of course Colbi. Jesus and I will forgive you always.”

Colbi: *calmer* “Well, thats a relief.”

 It is easily the biggest relief of my life to know that no matter how far I stray or what I do He will always call me by name. He knows me like no other and He will always love me. I will never be alone no matter how much I feel as though I am. He is the reason for my strong belief in unconditional love and the reason why I will not only show my daughter the effects of it but also my neighbor. This day, that cross, that tomb, the events of Jesus’ life that lead up to this very day are all the reasons I believe in unconditional love and all the reason why I will do my best to lead my example for the world and show them it is possible to be forever forgiven and loved unconditionally.

bless this day for you and your families,

with love,



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  1. love this!! such a sweet conversation!


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