too emotionally attached.

I have realized why it’s so hard for me to watch Netflix series or movies or honestly television in general. I constantly finding myself living from second-hand embarrassment as in when a character does something embarrassing or stupid then I feel for them. Or when they make a major mistake that is going to change the whole plot of the story I physically get sick and my stomach turns at the thought of it. I was watching this one series (and I’m not going to give a way the title because I’m probably going to give away some major spoilers) that I literally had to stop watching it bothered me too much. It was one of those series that has multiple characters with different little substories and i love shows like that where they all have different issues going on in their individual lives and then it all comes together in the end.. Only this time I didn’t make it to the end..

The series starts off with this one main character who is a woman and she’s trying to find a business that will invest in her bio-mechanical company and she had taken out all of these loans from her family and friends and they were in major debt and she has a wonderful husband who works two jobs and is so supportive of her. They have “the perfect relationship” and he comes across this woman while he was bartending who overheard their conversation about how her day went and how she had been denied a lot that day and it turns out this lady is like a strong, hard business woman who has written a book about how to lead a business. She’s known for being really harsh and almost cruel to people. She ends up offering to invest several million dollars into this company for one night with this girls husband.. Because she goes after people’s weaknesses and she I guess saw her marriage as a weakness and it ends up spiraling into an emotional mess and it was really good but then it gets really creepy and out of hand.. If you want the name of it I’ll drop it in the comments.Image result for what if

Anyway, back to the main point. I get too emotionally involved to watch shows, like Grey’s Anatomy? Never seen it because all of my friends obsessed about it and all they do is cry and I just can’t risk having my life fall apart like that. If I feel like a television show is becoming “too much” for me I will literally turn it off. I have to! I started watching How to Get Away with Murder then I felt like everyone was dying and I got mad!! like how can they keep covering up these murders!! It’s so insane how a fictional show can get me so so emotionally messed up.

Do you have a television show that drives you crazy?? Let me know in the comments!

with love,


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