My Ideal Gifts

Happy Blogmas Day Three!

Are you having fun yet?? This post I decided I’m going to be a little selfish. I’m going to make posts about what my family members want and gift ideas for relatives.. Just wait on it! I want to take this moment to talk about me *add sparkle to me*

*bats eyelashes* it is bats, isn’t it??

Anyway, let’s talk about me and what I feel like are ideal gifts for me! My little life obsessions. I’m not going to put this in a particular order but I am going to number them just for reference.

1. Mugs

I have a slight obsession with mugs, I think they are so cute. The different designs and shapes (I would love one shaped like a koala), the funny ones (“This might be wine.”),  the self exclaimed glamour of some that say things like Boss or Queen. I feel like with those I am sipping the power from the words on the cup and it immediately increases my confidence.. Maybe it’s just the caffeine though.

2. Minitures

I feel like there is some official term for these little things. But I have the cutest little shadow box that hold mini statues and collectables. Some mine pottery, some mini glass animals, bells, a mini bible (yes you can even read it) and so much others but i still have room for more.

3. House Stuff.

Random house stuff that I’m too lazy to buy myself?? Maybe not even expensive stuff but practical stuff that might make my life a little better. A plastic bag dispenser.. I try to avoid getting plastic bags from the grocery stores but I forget my reusable ones sometimes and I feel like I buy a lot of groceries.. A lot of the time. So I’m stuck with shoving these plastic bags under the sink and leaving a big mess. I also need a new kife set, mine is somehow incomplete and some of them the tips are chipped off of them and I don’t even know how that happens?

4. Scrub Caps

My job recently passed a policy saying that we are allowed to wear scrub caps instead of the hairnet like disposable blue caps we were wearing before. I really like these because I feel like I can add more color and customize my look and show off what I like. I could buy a starry night one, the lion king, star wars, puppies, cats, Christmas, Easter, whatever I want designed on a scrub cap! So awesome and fun! You can find these on Etsy, so cute!

5. Basics but lovely.

I love “basic” gifts like candles, clothes, make up, gift cards, fun socks, pjs. They all make me so happy! I just love opening presents and feeling as though someone thought of me long enough to think I needed something.

And those are my five gift ideas for me. I do have specifics that I asked for but this was just a random, about me and what I want for Christmas. And I liked it!

What are some things that you asked for, for Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

with love,




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