Happy Friday the 13th!.. I mean.. Nightmare before Christmas? Wait no, it’s Blogmas Day 13!

So traditionally in my generation I’ve noticed a lot of people getting Friday the 13th tattoos and likewise tattoo shops will have special deals on Friday the 13th! Which is awesome I think. Because of this, I want to get a tattoo tonight! Will I? Hm… find out on my instagram because you know I’m going to post it if I do!

But I want to take this time to talk about tattoos. I think tattoos are wonderful. I think it’s expressive and artists and allows people to express themselves on their body. I in no way think that it is unprofessional and I agree that not every tattoo has to have a meaning. Sometimes it can just be something you found pretty or rad just so, it could be some significant to you life. Something you want to be able to take to your grave.

Personally, I only have one. You can barely see it unless I wear certain clothes. It’s located on the upper, center part on my back and in typewriter font it says:

“I’m the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved.”

I got it when I turn 19 for my birthday, it was a quote that was significant to me. The words themselves and how it’s splayed. It’s simple yet powerful. It’s something that I feel like is a growing trend in today’s young female community. We’re striving for independence and personal growth, self-love and inner strength. We are looking from within to be our own hero’s and to pull ourselves out of our daily struggles and for some if not most of us we are standing up to some of the social injustice we face. We our raising our daughters to be more individualistic and self-sufficient and our sons to respect the idea of that. That women are equal. That we all can be our own heroes. I’m proud of my tattoo and what it represents for me.

It’s a simple statement that speaks for me and anyone else of any gender, race, ethnicity who are strong enough to be our own heroes and have been our own heroes. Even those who have suffered in silence.

Do you have any tattoos? Are you for them or against them? Share your thoughts with me.

with love,


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