Marshall’s Mini Haul

I know some of you read last week’s post where I purchased a lot of Fall Decor from TJ-Maxx and Marshalls but this week I’m just going to show you some of the clothing items I got from Marshall’s. They were having a sick sale of good transition items! For my Marshall’s Mini Haul I wanted to show you all some of the items I got for $10 or LESS. These deals were too insane to pass up!

The first thing on my list is the DEX floral jumpsuit orginally $32 but I got it on sale for $4.50!!! I thought this jumper would be a really cute transition piece but now that fall has started settling in I’m thinking it’ll be a better spring outfit! Here in NC it goes from summer to fall really quickly. It’s just like one day its sunny and 80 and the next day its 65, no wonder most people get sinus headaches…

The next piece I’m going to talk about is the earrings! They were on sale for $8 but I couldn’t really remember what the original price was. I thought these earrings were so cute and simple and could be used with various outfits with the pinks, yellows and greens. Perfect for autumn in my opinion.

Next I want to talk about this shirt!! It was only $2 and nothing was wrong with it! Its so cute and flowy. Looks perfect with the front tucked in with some jeans and a really cute black belt layered under a jacket. I love simple pieces like this that can be so versatile and comfortable.

This cute little shirt that said “Newport” on it was so simple but it was a good length for it to be a crop top and could be paired with high rise jeans/leggings so you don’t show skin and you can layer this with a cute jacket too! This was only $5 so I thought that was a good price for a teeshirt! These days I feel like teeshirts can get a little pricy.

Last but not least, the piece that has made an appearance in almost every photo. These pants! They were only $4.50 with no holes or tears.. I always think something is wrong with an item when they are discounted a certain way. I don’t really remember what the original price for these were but they are SO comfortable. Another good transition piece as well. Good capri length. The weren’t tight but they weren’t too loose either. These are a pair of pants that are tight in all the right places if that makes sense to anyone else, hehe. The belt came with it too! I expected this to be more of a paperbag style with the belt but I am not disappointed in the least bit!

And that is it for my mini marshalls haul! which one is your favorite?! I think the floral jumpsuit is mine or the green pants! Tell me what your favorite part was!

with love,


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