Dear Unmotivated

To those it may concern,

Just do it!! I honestly can’t think of a reason why someone would not want to work out. There are so many benefits to doing so. It’s not just about physical benefits either. There are so many mental benefits as well. Nothing clears my mind more than a good run or even a walk, you’re alone, you’re focused, you’re able to think about anything in the world and solve all the world’s problems, almost anyway. It’s a good way for me to shed all of the stresses of the day away, I can think about what I did, if there was anything I could have done differently, if there was anything that I can do to better it the next day and so on. It gives me a chance to find a peace of mind and there’s nothing better than peace of mind, let me tell you. Running was the best thing I could have ever gotten addicted to. Because unlike most coping mechanisms, I wasn’t trying to get myself to forget but instead I was forcing myself to think about it and it doing so I was allowing myself to take charge of the challenges I faced, either day-to-day or overall.

It is the best possible thing that I’ve done and I cannot express that more. There are always ways you can make it work for yourself even if it involves consulting with a doctor or a personal trainer. Anything to get the ball rolling. I suggest signing up for local fitness classes! Don’t worry, everyone there is striving for the same thing, they won’t judge you, I promise. I know I can’t speak for everyone when I say that but seriously, most of the time people aren’t looking at you as much as you think they are! Especially if they’re challenging themselves the way that they should be! Don’t stress it too much and just do what’s best for you and your body! Everyone had a starting point. Do this for you and worry about the rest later! One day yo’ll be the gym rat looking at the newcomers and hopefully you’ll remember what it was like and not cast judgement!


Happy Fitness,

Caysey! 🙂

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