Challenge and Achieve

Working out is challenging for anybody, as it should be but it’s especially challenging to those who are out of shape, injured, overweight or a combination of either. Getting into a routine is very important for this physical journey. You can start lifting weights at home but I highly suggest joining a gym. Low impact workouts are ideal for a start. A couple of beginner workouts I have in mind are: walking, cycling, aqua jogging/water aerobics, strength training, mind-body classes/ group exercise classes. I know going to the gym can be a very intimidating thing and you feel like everybody is watching you but that’s not the case, most of the time people are in their own zone and struggling with what they’re doing to have time to judge you and you have to realize that the only way to achieve your goals is to go after them! Starting with weight training is important than just focusing on cardio. It helps keep you motivated as you see your strength grow and helps with things such a joint pain. Cardio can sometimes burn muscle just as much as fat so you have to be careful. It’s also really important to realize that the number on the scale isn’t the most important part of losing weight. It should be more about your health and how you feel. You should also do it for you and all the benefits it gives you not because of how others perceive you.  

Join the class! Do the color run! (you don’t have to run) Set a goal that’s not just a weight goal, set a strength goal or a small personal records whether it’s walking the extra mile or being able to lift more weight. It’s important to start small, it makes looking at the big picture easier. Sure, you can still say you want to be 50 lbs lighter but you also want the benefits of feeling 50 pounds lighter, you have to stretch and strengthen. The reason I suggest joining a gym is because the fact that it opens you up to more opportunities like group exercises and events that can contribute to your small goals and success. The good thing about the group exercises is the fact that everyone there is there to accomplish to same goal! So you shouldn’t feel so alone. I used to have gyn anxiety myself so I know how it feels but the pros outweigh the cons in the long run!

You can do it! I believe in you!!

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