guilt filled his lungs as he knew the words he was about to say would break her. she looked at him with those eyes. God, he loved those eyes. she knew it was coming. she was expecting the worse. he didn’t want her but he wanted her all the same. he loved her but not the way she deserved. he couldn’t be the person she needed. never good enough. he released the venom and expected a scream, a cry. her eyes were clear, she grew pale. is she breathing? Okay. regret filled his stomach fast and traveled to his throat. is he breathing? she turned to walk away. don’t go. he couldn’t speak. she’s gone.


his words hallowed out her skull. her warm heart pulsed into her throat making her lose her breath. it fell into the floor and shattered like glass. her body grew cold and numb and she waited for the waterfall but nothing came. nothing came at all. there was a ringing in her ear. breathe. it didn’t hurt anymore. it wasn’t a surprise anymore. she no longer had expectations so she no longer felt disappointments. this time it will be different. the memory played in her brain but the feeling it once gave her went away. it’ll never be different, only the same.

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