Self care.


Here lately I have been adjusting to some new, exciting changes in my life and it has me feeling overwhelmed and full of anxiety so I’m sitting down with you today to make a list of self care to-do that I’ve done in the past that helped me feel more energized and at peace.


Go outside and go for a walk

Learn some new dance moves

Take a hike down an unknown trail

Play with a dog

Take a nice hot, shower or bubble bath

Go get a good workout in

Curl up in bed and take a much needed nap


Read a good book

Learn to draw something new

Find a fun DIY project and do it

Color in a coloring book

Turn off your phone and decompress

Ask for help when you need it.

Stay off of social media. You will feel a lot better.

Read some inspiring or motivational quotes

Listen to calming music

Write down your current thoughts and feelings


Turn on your favorite song and put it on repeat

Find a quiet place to meditate 

Avoid triggers

Light your favorite candle and enjoy the smell

Slow your breathing

Take a 10 minute break from what your doing

Put on fresh, comfy clothes -pajamas acceptable.

Spend time with your loved ones

Watch your favorite television show or movie

Eat energizing, healthy foods. 

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  1. i loved these ideas and how you have 3 different levels of taking care of yourself. All of them are so equally important. I love getting myself in a good mood with some feel good music. I have been enjoying more nutricious meals as well. I now have salads for lunch and its such a great way to enjoy my meal and get the veggies in 🙂


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