self tanner gone wrong.

     So I have always been fair-skinned. Pale skin. Light eyes. Burns easily. Sometimes the universe just isn’t fair to say the least. I have always wanted to have tanned skin. It just something about that nice glow. Although looking back at some summer pictures I realized that I was a little darker than I gave myself credit for but I’ve never been as dark as I’ve wanted to be.


Working in the medical field has made me scared of tanning beds. I was scared of them before because of all of the prolonged health risks but seeing in live and in action, it’s just not for me. In the past I have tanned for a month out of the year  just enough to get my base tan so that I don’t burn as bad during the summer and I just try to avoid artificial sun as much as possible. Skin cancer. Blindness. Wrinkles. All stuff that I don’t want. I have thought of spray tanning but even then I was afraid of being orange. Although they have improved their products of the years and they really do give off more of a bronzed look versus an orange one. So naturally my ultimate decision was to try a self tanner- and even those I’ve heard was just as iffy as the spray tan- but spray tanning will probably be my next option. Leave it to the professionals, you know?

So I used a brand called “Tanwise” and at the time it was buy one get one half off so I purchased both the spray and the lotion thinking they would be the least messiest options…. I was wrong. I tried so hard to self apply the tanning spray and all it did was drip all of the floor and it was so splotchy looking on my skin. I thought it was just going to glide right on and it just was not working and then I tried to apply the lotion overtop of it to try to even it out and for some really the lotion just was not absorbing into my skin. I honestly almost had a panic attack because I was getting the bathroom so messy and my skin was looking rough. I immediately jumped back into the shower and did my  best to rinse as mush off as possible. After that it looked pretty even though.. Surprisingly. I was a little browner but not too noticeably but it was also after like 10 minutes of soaking in i guess haha. It was a little bit of a disaster not going to lie but did that stop me from trying again? No, no it didn’t.


I mentioned our Florida trip in my recent posts. Well the first day down there I told my friend that I wanted her to spray the tan on me, thinking that maybe i just wasn’t angled right or I was too close or something. Well she started spraying and we used a towel to sort of rub it in so I didn’t look like I was having tiger stripes or something. I did the thing where I put the lotion on top to try to smooth it all out and it happened again! It just wasn’t going into my skin like I thought it would. I looked like the peanut butter baby, no joke!

img_4017But this time I let it sit on my skin for a while longer before washing it off, thinking that just the excess would come off and the results weren’t too bad in the end. You could still see some unevenness but it wasn’t all that noticeable. Lucky for me, because I got engaged the next day.

So although I survived these two miss-fires I decided that my best option was to do my body in sections and either use a microfiber towelette or a self-tanning mitten to gently spread the product around for full coverage. I also decided to watch more reviews on products before using them to know how to properly apply. As for the product itself, I would recommend it but please read directions and watch reviews before using to make sure you know what your getting into! It didn’t at all make me orange, it was a nice brown shade and I was pleased with my color!


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