Things you need to know before you Self Tan

Another post about self tanning?? Yes.

As you may know, at the beginning of the year I made the mistake of self tanning because I felt like I wasn’t tan enough to walk the streets of Florida. I have now learned important keys to self tanning.

  1. It will not look like that.

When I first put the self tanner on I thought the color was way to dark and it just was not blending in right no matter what I did. I did two things wrong. I didn’t use gloves or a mitt to help not only protect my hands but also blend in the product properly. I also wanted instant results. I wanted to be able to but my magic color changing lotion on and be able to walk out on the beach with no problem.. Nope. You have to let it set in your skin for at least an hour if not eight.  Yes, I said eight. Which when I first did it, it didn’t soak into my skin properly and it was all over me.. There was no way I could have it on there for eight hours without it getting on everything I touched. So when you let it set in, you can take a shower and that will be the shade you are, not the beginning phase. Be. Patient.

2. Prepare your skin.

It’s important when self tanning to allow the lotion to have a good base to set to. You want it to set fully to your good skin. This requires you to have shaved or exfoliated and moisturize your body. Sometimes the lotion doesn’t set well with hairs on your body that you typically shave. For example, I don’t shave my arm hairs so those should be fine but I do my best to shave my legs and if they aren’t shaved sometimes the self tanner sticks to the hairs differently.

3. Stains.

Self tanner will stain and transfer to your clothes. I always wear my black bikini when self tanning to avoid noticeable transfer.

This is meant to be a quick post, I’ve had serval people ask about how my skin is so tan so I thought I would share some tips I’ve learned along the way!

If there is anything I forgot to add just let me know in the comments!


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