30 days.. whoop.

For the month of May I attempted to do a 30 day squat challenge I found on the internet. Some days I forgot but for the most part I tried and I did it even after me being gone for 14 hours out of the day I attempted to. Some days were easier than others. Some days I found myself playing catch up to try to make up for the day before that I missed but for the most part I did it.

I told myself that I would show a before and after picture even if I didn’t complete the challenge all the way so here they are.

I know these are sucky comparisons. I should have wore the same thing and posed the same way but i didn’t realize it until I made it this far.

My legs are tired but I believe they’re stronger and toner. My booty feels toner and looks a litttle bigger if you ask me. I probably would have looked better if I did it the way I was supposed to. I’m happy for the most part. Better luck next time I suppose 🙂


Yes, you! I’m challenging you to do what I may have not done successfully but still tired to do lol and Share with me your thoughts and results!!



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