I’ve read multiple times that one shouldn’t apologize for being inactive

I’ve read multiple times that one shouldn’t apologize for being inactive. That people should understand when you have big things happening in your life you if you’ve been just feeling down on yourself lately and have been putting off being a blogger. This past month I had officially been blogging a year and I wanted to make a post about it but never got around to it. I also met my 50 follower mark-which my not be a lot to some but it was a lot to me, since then my numbers have increased yet I have lacked on delivering you guys great content. I feel as though as loyal followers you all deserve wonderful content.

I have tried to be pretty active on my instagram account day by day and I was being active on my twitter account until it got suspended. For some reason when my twitter account got suspended it pushed a button for me. I realize that social media isn’t important and there is so much more to life. I want to enjoy my life as much as possible but I also want to share all the experiences I have with people that I’ve connected to through social media outlets. I have met so many people that I haven’t even met yet and that’s a crazy concept in itself. I know so much about people in my county and even people around the world that I would’ve never thought I even needed to know. 

Social media is such a great and powerful thing. People have thousands of followers and they influence each and every one of them in such different ways. One post and it’s open for the public to see, you can reach hundreds and thousands of eyes and the more you get reposted or shared the more platform you reach across and don’t even get me started on cross posting… I didn’t mean for this to be a rant of social media by any means and I know this is something that everyone thinks about from time to time but it’s literally mind blowing to me and I grew up with it. I can only imagine how mind blowing it is for generations before who didn’t have it. 

img_7658I am so sorry, I have gone off on a bunny trail from my full intention of this post. My message to you is that. It’s true, you shouldn’t feel bad for being inactive and not posting. I understand the guilt completely though. I have such wonderful milstones that I like to share with everyone that I can, even though I feel like some things should be kept private. You shouldn’t feel pressure to share everything in the world that goes on in your life just because other people do. You are allowed to have your days or weeks or months to cleanse yourself from all the information that social media brings to your brain.

I unintentionally took a break for the month of August and I had brainstormed so much great content in that month and I am ready to share all of my posts with you. Thank you to those of you who stuck by me in my absence and didn’t leave just because I wasn’t active. I promise you I’m coming back full force. 

with love, 


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  1. I really liked this post. I completely agree that although there is a lot of pressure to be constantly active on social media- there is also much more to life, which is why I schedule so much! I hope you enjoyed your break!

    Soph – http://sophhearts.com/ x


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