pink hair, fair food and good times.

   Spooky season is officially upon us and I am SO STOKED! Like ‘tis the season for pink hair, fair food, pumpkin patches and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice! I feel like such a basic white girl when it comes to fall but it seriously took a lot out of me to actually get EXCITED about summer coming to an end. It really doesn’t feel completely like fall yet, it’s still in the 90s over hear in the Old North State so I get to hang on to summer just a little bit longer. I love so many things about fall but I’m really excited to dye my hair PINK! I dye my hair pink every year in the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have ladies in my family and very close friends who have been diagnosed and this is just something supportive that I do to raise awareness along-side some of the fundraisers I do as well.  

I love all of the seasons in their own way. I love summer because of how warm and fun it is. Taking trips to the beach and the lake and enjoying the wonderful sunshine. I love fall because of the cold nights and bonfires and warm drinks and cuddling up with your besties watching halloween movies, going to pumpkin patches and beautiful mountain trips watching the colorful leaves fall to the ground. Winter holds fun holidays and beautiful lights and snow covered grounds. Spring just screams rebirth and growth and fresh flowers and I just picture beautiful pastels and cleanliness. They all hold something special in my heart. Living in North Carolina, I feel like you really get the best of all of the seasons. It’s never too cold or too hot (I mean most of the time); It’s just really something that I’ve grown to appreciate about my state over the past few years

    Although, there’s also something about Autumn that makes me feel …. Autumn in a time of change. You witness physical change in the world around you and don’t get me wrong it’s some of the most beautiful sights in the world and nothing makes me feel more at peace than running the NC trails and hearing the leaves crunching under my feet as the brisk morning air brushes my face. The days themselves are very short. I work 12 hour days what feels like a windowless hospital so on the days that I work I literally never see daylight and it might drive me a little crazy, if I let it. I also catch myself feeling more emotional during the season and it used to just be the season but now it’s more year-round. I don’t know what it is exactly but I cry so easily and I let the smallest things stress me out. I also feel so much more tired and just straight up out of energy. It could be the combination of working twelve hours, commuting two hours a day and then coming home to my sweet and sassy little girl and getting her ready for bed and school the next day and on my days off getting up and getting her ready for her day, working out and doing chores and errands all day… But I still feel like it’s not an excuse. I should have so much more energy than what I do. I’m young. I’m supposed to be able to handle all of this without problem! I think it’s just something that I need to workout somehow.



with love,


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  1. phigella says:

    You should look into getting a UV lamp through Autumn and Winter. I know I feel more depressed through the darker months and I don’t work 12 hours a day, i do make sure when I am off work that I spend time outside each day x


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