I took a little break from my blog during my holiday season to really soak in the family time and self reflect some. WELCOME TO MY NEW POST OF THE NEW YEAR.

I really thought about during my time (even though I said I wouldn’t) about what I wanted my first blog post of the year to be about because I always have so many topics of conversation flow through my head at random times so I have a lot I want to discuss and share with you all within the next few months. I didn’t want to be basic and do a “New Years Resolution post” but this just might be it. I always make a point not to just set one big “Resolution” but instead have small goals that I set for myself throughout the year. That way I won’t get discouraged if I feel like I’m not making the progress I expect. 

Blog Focus:

This is one that I would call an “umbrella” goal. It’s a medium-sized goal that covers a lot of different sub-goals that I have.

I want to get more involved in the blogging community and become as active as I can be. I want to make blogger friends and grow connections with people. It’s less about the number of comments or followers one has but more about the relationships you develop with people.

Another thing is, I want to get more consistent with content. Like I said before, I always get these really great ideas for blogging topics but I rarely remember them when the time comes to actually write. I really need to start writing some of the topics down in a notepad or even my notes app on my phone. Which I believe that some of the topics I have can be considered “venting” posts about a certain situation I’m in at the time and sometimes over time my view point on the situation may change and I stray away from what I would normally write about. Thats a reason sometimes that I like to write things out because it makes me think more thoroughly about the situation. 

Fitness and Health

Yes, I know. Everyone has a fitness goal for the new year. I am not looking forward to the overcrowd of people at the gym for the first few weeks of the new year. I go to a smaller, family gym so it makes it seem even more crowded I think. I am so glad that people are getting up and trying to be active but it just harshes my mellow when there are so many people there. I know I’m being selfish but it’s okay. 

Overall, I think it’s important to focus on your health and decide to to better for yourself whenever you’re ready and if you think doing it at the beginning f the year then go for it! Your future starts today and don’t let what anyone says hold you back from that. I have a lot of small goals that goes under the umbrella of “Focus on a bettering yourself both nutritionally and physically.” 

This past year I really started paying attention to my nutrition. I started living by myself so was the one doing the grocery shopping and I was the one who had to decide what meals we were going to have for the week and thereafter. I payed attention more to what I was eating. I ate a lot more vegetables and beans and even tried some different kinds of meat substitutes that I didn’t pay attention to before. This year, I want to not only keep that trend but try to incorporate more fruits in my diet. I do eat a lot of fruit and I love it so much but I ever think about how you’re supposed to eat fruit daily. It’s on the food pyramid that you have a daily dose of fruit so I’m going to eat more fruit! 

I also told myself that I need to drink less alcohol and I might be saying this because I just celebrated a lot over the holiday but it’s not worth it to me. I am by no means a drunk, I really don’t even drink weekly. I used to be so against drinking growing up. I was always the designated driver when it came to partying with my friends but with this being my 21st year of life and the first year of me ~legally~drinking in the U.S, I definitely did. I just want to shy away from that and really enjoy the pureness of having a good time without getting drunk. 

I also have of course physical goals that i want to meet. I want to be more toned but not too toned to the point that I look muscular without trying but to the point that I can flew and people will look and say “oh you LIFT lift” (that’s a twitter reference if you don’t get it I’m sorry) Which this goals is already currently in the works so I have a feeling it’ll be a good goal to have. 

I want to do different types of cardio besides running. I love to running but I’ve found some cardio work outs that get your blood flowing while still working your muscles. Running is a good way to lose/manage weight but you can also lose muscle mass in the process if you’re not careful so that’s another goals that I have is to run less which sounds crazy I know. 

Emotional/Mental Focus

I have some emotional/mental goals for 2019 as well. I need to pause or breathe before I react to something. I do this thing where I get really overwhelmed about a situation or something I’m doing and I just react to the people around me sometimes not in a polite way and it can cause an unnecessary argument and there’s no real excuse for it. I’ll look back sometimes and think “That whole thing could’ve been avoided if I would have just responded differently” and instead of apologizing, I say nothing because I shut down due to embarrassment and self-loath. I need to work on just breathing and not letting my emotions get the best of me and not letting it wedge a barrier between me and my loved ones.  Practice the pause and be kind-er. 


What are some of your new years resolutions? Do you have any goals to improve yourself for the year 2019? Is this year YOUR year?

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