The month of May is going to be a busy month for me as far as being a mom goes. My little girl is graduating Kindergarten and she’ll be turning SIX YEARS OLD. I cannot believe I’ll be the mother of a six year old. Another important thing happening in May, she’ll also have her dance recital.. ON HER BIRTHDAY! Which is slightly inconvenient but she’ll be spending her birthday doing what she loves. You can just tell by the spunk in her step and the sparkle in her eyes that this is truly something I feel like she’ll be passionate about when she’s older. You can just tell by her outgoing, lightning personality that she’s doing exactly what she needs to be! and that says a lot I think for her age. 

     Watching her grow into the ball of fire has to be one of the most rewarding things I think I’ve ever accomplished in life. She has the sweetest and most kindest soul but with an energy like no other! She has this outlook on the world that I hope never spoils. I hope there’s nothing in this world that will dull her sparkle. Aside from her bursting personality she has to be one of the smartest, education driven little five year old I’ve ever met. Since she was little I helped her focus on the importance of school and a good education and she takes pride in knowing things and shows off her wit as often as she can, even if it’s random animal facts that no one needs to know. Did you know that the horn growing from a norwal is actually a tooth?? Me neither. 

   I am very proud of the little one I raised, I certainly cannot say that enough but what I really feel like hits my heart a little hard is that fact that she is proud of me too. I am always so uplifting to her always making her feel understood, beautiful, strong and wanted and I do that because I 100% believe that she is but little do I know that I am teaching her to treat me and others the same way. Nothing rings happiness in my ears more than hearing her say “I love you” randomly for no reason. We were in the car one time and out of nowhere she said “I’m so proud of you mommy” and tears filled my eyes. I said “For what baby?” and she said “You always tell me you’re proud of me and I thought I should let you know that I’m proud of you too”. Little did my little star know that just days leading up to that moment I had been feeling like a bad parent, I hadn’t done anything wrong but I was so caught up in work and other responsibilities that I was hardly getting by with making sure we do our nightly readings and prayers and making sure her homework was done on time but she just simply reminded me that I was enough and reminded me that she was still proud of me, without even knowing that i needed it.. Or did she? 

thank you for tuning in,

with love,


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