Hair Tip Thursday!


#HairTipThursday Who else uses just any old brush to rip through there hair on a daily? That used to be me too, here’s a list of the different types of brushes and their purpose.

– Paddle Brush: Ideal for thick & straight hair, it’s perfect for smoothing out the hair.

– Boar Bristle Brush: Prevents oil build up at the scalp, massage at the root blow dry & it will distribute the oil into the scalp to increase your days between washes.

– Small Round Brush & Ceramic Round Brush: Perfect for blowouts to create volume while smoothing out the hair.

– Vented Brush: Perfect for a quick rough blow dry, brush with the blow dryer and go.

– Rat Tailed Comb: Perfect for sectioning & parting the hair.

– Teasing Brush: Adding Volume, part off where you’d like to add more lift and simply tease then smooth over to cover the tease.

– Wide Toothed Comb: Best For Detangling WET hair. (Hack keep one in the shower & use to distribute conditioner)

– Afro Pick: There are many uses for this, I use it for detangling and also adding lift with teasing.

– Denman Brush: Perfect for curly headed girls, the only brush that’s great for detangling their hair.

– Mason Pearson Brush: Cleans the hair & stimulates hair growth, get one if you’re trying to GROW

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