Six years.

Six years… It feels like just yesterday I was making a post about a whole hand.

Six years of watching my baby girl grow into the little blossom of the person she is today. Her curiosity and love is just simply overflowing into the world. I cannot express how proud I am of the little lady she is becoming. I touched on some of this in my MAY blog post but I didn’t go into much detail about it.

Her first year of public school was amazing for her. She’s made so many friends and I feel like she’s really coming out of her shell.. Maybe a little too much. She’s excelled academically reaching past what’s required of her, especially in reading. She’s a “super reader” according to her little certificate she received on her award ceremony day! The only thing she really gets in trouble with is talking followed by listening and following directions and she says “I just can’t help it, I just have so much to say” but that’s something we have been been trying to explain the importance of! She has even improved greatly on that. There was one day she had to be spoken to NINE times. Now were getting words of praise back from her teacher.

I am so proud of her growth. She’s become such a strong and independent little human being and it makes me sad but also makes me so proud. I cannot believe another year has passed and there will be so many more after this. Happy Birthday to my not so little girl.

with love,


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