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     So over the last year or so my fiance and I bought an ATV and started riding four-wheelers with our friends! Now I know you saw my post about how much I love nature and adventure and just being able to explore new places. This is just another fun way that we have found to enjoy nature and being with our friends (and getting a little dirty).

     I honestly feel as though I have talked about this before on here and maybe even mention our first trip to Busco Beach where I didn’t even get to shower that weekend because some people decided to have sex in the bathhouse (YUCK) anyway, I just wanted to mention alk about it more and some of the adventures we’ve been on and some of these places might even get a post of their own! 

Ww’ve rode a lot in our home-state, we have several friends who own land and we wer pretty frequently going there. There’s different sort of ways to ride. You can do more trail riding or mud-digging? or water riding. There’s different places that offer different kinds of riding. 

Hidden Swimming Holes

This was honestly one of my favorite local rides. It was in the summer and we really pretty much swam the hole time. The scenery was beautiful and the water hole was so much fun! I think this was located in Danbury, NC.

West Virginia

West Virginia is surprisingly not that far from North Carolina. It’s about 3 hours, if I remember correctly. My family went up here for a mother’s day trip last May. I might have actually made a whole post on that as well! But it was so beautiful up there. I have never seen so much greenery.

We went riding on the Outlaw Trails which also run beside the Hatfield and McCoy trails. The outlaw trails are a lot less monitored. You don’t have to pay or wear a helmet and you’re allowed to double up unlike the HaM trails. 


Busco Beach

We went to Busco Beach again this year for the spring mudbash! It was just as fun if not more fun than the last time. It was pretty much a camping trip with all of your closest friends plus we rode fourwheelers. I like Busco because its more sand than anything else and you’re so close to water and it’s just really a lot of fun! 


Anyway, These are just a few videos and pictures from done of our good times! What is something yo and your significant other do together that you both enjoy?

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