Sex in the Bathhouse!

No, this isn’t a XXX video or a scandalous novel. It’s just something that happened on my recent camping trip but if Trish and Tyler want to get it on at 2 a.m in a bathhouse.. Have at it, I just won’t be showering there. See more about it in my recent vlog here:


Riding ATV’s is a hobby that my fiance and I like to do together whether it’s going down beautiful trails in the West Virginia mountains or hitting the thickest mud holes we can find; it’s always a fun time. It’s not something we do often since we’re so busy with so much but when we get the chance, it’s so exciting. My fiance and I recently went on a trip to a place in NC called Busco Beach and although it wasn’t a real beach I still had a lot of fun. There’s just something about the rumble of a four-wheeler or even a dirtbike that sends excitement down my spine. Busco Beach is essentially an ATV campground and although I go camping with my family at least once every year the twist of it being an ATV park as well just gave it a whole different vibe. Not to mention, it was my first camping trip without my parents and there’s so much that they prepare for that I didn’t that I’ll definitely need to remember next time.

my fiance and i at sunset

To me autumn and camping trips go hand in hand, the weather is perfect. You can have bonfires and roast marshmallows and weenies and have the best conversations and laugh over fun memories. You can take in nature for what it really is and see beauty that you wouldn’t notice in the city. This camping trip though.. Not serene and calm. There were four wheelers riding by allll night, which was fun and exciting! I personally didn’t have a problem sleeping at night. We packed our tent and an air mattress and I laid down and was good to go. It probably helped that I worked twelve hours that day and rode in a car three hours to get there BUT nonetheless, the noise didn’t bother me as much as I originally thought.


Busco Beach was full of water. You could ride across sandbars and there would be ponds of water on each side of you. It was recently flooded due to a hurricane that hit the North Carolina coast a few weeks ago. It didn’t damage the beauty of it at all though. There was so many pretty trails, with the water some of them even made it feel like the Everglades. There were holes of mud so thick and deep, I don’t even know if it had a bottom. There were some shallow parts of the ponds where a lot of people were doing “water wheelies” where they would pretty much be driving through the water and the front end of their four-wheeler would pop up and you’re pretty much half in the after riding a wheelie, it was pretty neat to see!

The landscape was so flat and open that when it can time for sunset, the whole sky was lit up with beautiful shades of orange and pink. It was amazing.


What are some hobbies that you like to do? Do you and your significant other have special hobbies you do together?

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