Eden Drive In | Rare of its Kind

So my hometown is Eden, NC. It’s a small town pretty much full of banks and churches. We’re known for some good things like Kings Inn Pizza and Chaney’s but other than that it’s just pretty much an worn down town. There was a time Eden was thriving with textile mills and Miller Brewery but most of those big businesses have gone except for Karastan Rug Mill. Which has gorgeous rugs by the way.  They’re known for the kind of rugs and carpets that last generations, It’s just quality is overshadowed by convenience these days and although there are some rugs that are sold in stores most of them have to me found through their website. Their flooring is amazing too by the way! Certainly worth checking out if you’re remodeling your home!

Anyway, back to the drive in, the real reason you’re here. I’m sure that many of you have seen the movie Grease and are pretty familiar with the drive in scene. 


Well I’m pretty sure the Eden Drive in has been open since the 50’s when drive in’s were a staple. To my understanding there are only like 3 left in the state of North Carolina which makes me wonder how many are in the country! It was definitely some of the best memories of my childhood there. I loved when my family would take us to the drive in as akid. They had the best play ground and I just remember it being so cool. I always wanted my parents to park in the front so that I could just run and play before the movie started. My mom would always back the best snacks and hotdogs (when I ate hotdogs). I just remember the nights being so chill as in the air. It was so cool to see the movie up there on the big screen. My mom used to make up a picnic area in front of the truck or car and we would lay out and it was just genuinely so fun for me. It’s something that I need to take more advantage of while it’s here because I’m sure there will be a day where it won’t be!

Are there any drive in’s in your area? Let me know in the comments!

with love,



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