Happy Second Day of Blogmas!

See, I’m having fun already! I would like to start Blogmas off talking about traditions I share with my family! When I was youger, my parents always let me and my brother open one present on Christmas Eve, it was almost always Pajamas to wear the night of and we would wake up and do our family Christmas with me, my mom & dad, sister and two brothers. My parents always did a wonderful job of wrapping each of our presents up in different wrapping paper and sectioning each off on our couch. We would wear our pajamas to my grandmothers house and eat brunch while opening our presents there. We still have this tradition at my aunts house even though my grandma isn’t around anymore. We still eat brunch and yes, we still have to wear our pajamas. We do secret Santa with each other as adults and the grandchildren now all get gifts from each family. We have about 25 people come to our family functions. This is parents, children, childrens-children, significant others and friends who are like family. Still, that’s a lot of people and my grandma would have loved it.

Another thing my family tries to do every year is go to see this beautiful local place that has all these wonderful lights. And take pictures with Santa and just take in all of the festive colors.

Ever since my girl was born we’ve made cookies for Santa on Christmas eve, real cookies.. with dough and flour and all the mess! It’s so much fun and my daughter enjoys it the most! And I’m sure Santa does too. *wink, wink* Another tradition we’ve started since me and my man have lived together is the Sunday after Thanksgiving we will get all cozy and play Christmas music while we get the decorations out and decorate the tree and get the Christmas spirit flowing through the house. Afterwards we curl up in our pajamas (what is it about pajamas and Christmas) and watch a Christmas movie of Colbi’s choice.

I think traditions are the heart of every holiday. It gives us all something to look forward too and allows up to have healthy expectations. I look forward to decorating my house every-year and feeling the warmth of the house as comfort overcomes me (maybe the hot chocolate helps)

What are some of your family traditions? When does your family start decorating for the holiday?

Happy Decorating!

with love,


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