lights. camera. christmas

My daughter was screaming Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs, I couldn’t even here the other music underneath it. We were listening to christmas music, just not her favorite. I turned the music down and started to sing along. My boyfriend just focused on the road, i could tell he was annoyed but i know deep down he really liked it. :We drove and drove down the winding roads, following my mother (who by the way speeds everywhere we go) It was so dark, everywhere and it’s christmas. “Where are the lights?” I heard the eagrness in her voice. I was low key excited myself. I have seen these lights every year with my family for like 5 years and this year I hadn’t been in the christmas spirit so I was hoping that this trip with get my festive juices flowing with all the pretty colors adn christmas towns and toy trains and warm hot chocolate and of course SANTA. This little winter wonderland we discovered through word of mouth is a popular little spot around this time of year. It was a little family who decorated their whole yard and surrounding area in these beautiful lights. They even have these little pieces of their old cabin home encircling. On the inside of each home they had neighborhoods of little cottage homes and little people and ponds and of course each little town had their own working train. It was magnificently pieced together. They even had a little shop where they sold hot chocolates and candies for their intrigued visitors. The set up had been mastered to the tee. breathtaking.


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