Fashion Friday: Tennessee Outfit Breakdown!

I got so many questions/compliments on my fallish outfit from my trip to Tennessee I decided to beak it down for some of you who are curious where I got the items from!

I believe what I got complimented on the most was my poncho that my fiance got for my from a place called Rural King Supply which according to him is like a Tractor Supply but better? Like a walmart for farmers, I don’t know. He said that it was like $12 and he said he got it because it made him think of me *heart eyes* (now he feels like a fashion designer because so many people asked me where I got it from, haha) but that is a new favorite outfit item for fall right now! I love the burnt orange in it and it reminds me of Arizona which is a vibe for me right now.

The next most popular item that I got questioned about was my hat! I got this from Amazon by searching ‘Fall Hat‘ . It was only $17.99 and I was honestly thinking about ordering another on in black. This is in the color Camel which I thought would look good with my camel colored booties but instead I decided to wear my Steve Madden sneaker wedges because I knew we were going to do a lot of walking. But it’s so comfortable and is one size but fits most sizes!

Next, I purchased these lovely earrings from Target! These also got a lot of compliments but it is also one of my personal favorites. I adore the sunshine so much. It makes my soul happy and so do these earrings. I saw them and I had to have them! They’re so simple but add so much sparkle to my face. They’re gold with a druzy rose quartz center and they were only $12. They’re not too heavy to the point where they’re uncomfortable but they’re not super light either.

Lastly my burnt orange sweater I got from Marshall’s (they seriously should sponser me) and my white and grey snakeskin watch band that I got from Southern Julep Boutique! They’re not much to say about these items which I why I put them in the same paragraph. The sweater was $15 at Marshall’s and I loved it for the color and the sleeves were so comfy and cute with the designs. The wrist band for my watch was probably around $12 if not less. I can’t really remember because it’s been so long. But Jules from Southern Julep is SO sweet and she always has new arrivals so you should totally check her out!

What was your favorite piece from this look?

with love,


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  1. It’s the poncho for me. The colors with the top, and hat flow so nicely and its very well pieced together! Such a great fall outfit.


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